Fire Station 1 – 331 French St.    Fire Station 2 – 800 Pine St.

City of Peshtigo Fire Dept.
331 French St., Ste. A
Peshtigo, WI 54157
Phone 715-582-3041

Emergency Call 911
Non-emergency 715-582-4511 Mon. – Fri. 8:30 am to 5 pm
Weekly meetings and training – Wednesday 1900 Hr. (Except Holidays)
Fire Department Size – Chief and 19 firefighters

Fire Department Members

Fire Chief Charles Gardon 
Chief & Fire Prevention Inspector: Charles Gardon
1st Asst. Chief:  Chris Rohde
2nd Asst. Chief:  Joel Ahrens 
Captain & Head Truck Driver: Christopher Rohde
Captain, Fire Prevention Inspector & Safety Officer: Joel Ahrens
 F.F. Dave Swiatnicki
 F.F. Duane Neuzil
 F.F. Eric Johnson
 F.F. Nicole Kempka
 F.F. Nels Peterson
 F.F. Katie Rohde
 F.F. Eian Ehlert
 F.F. Cameron Ewaldt
 F.F. Christopher Gardon
 F.F. Michael Maus
 F.F. Brandon Lindsey
 F.F. Shawn Northrop
 F.F. Kameron Hood
 F.F. Edward Swanson
 F.F. Crystal Klimek       

Fire Department History

The Town Fire department was asked to be the City Fire department in 1903. There has been seven Fire Chiefs with the first being Chief D. B. Northrup. The fire department members do fire prevention inspections, safety training, firefighting and other community activities for the City of Peshtigo residences and businesses.

The above picture is the City of Peshtigo Firefighter Memorial dedicated June 24, 2006.  The memorial was put up with private donation in memory of past fire firefighters from the community.  Memorial donations have also purchased 2 thermal imaging cameras for our department use.  We would like to thank all who donated and help in all of our projects.