The City’s combined recreation and open space areas total 113.6 acres. All areas are outdoor recreation areas. Indoor facilities are available at the Henry Drees Community Center building which was completed in January 1998.

Riverfront Park

This parcel of land is located on the west side of the river extending from French Street to North Emery Avenue. Currently the area incorporates a boat launching facility.  This area received a major facelift in 2012-13 with a total renovation.  The lanscaping of the area now includes a 1/4 mile concrete interior walkway which flows along the riverbank and through the park.  20 lighted bollards provide lighted assistance to the designated paths.  Flowering trees and shrubs accent the area.  A covered gazebo is a centerpiece for those wishing to use the area.

Harper Park (One Acre)

Harper Park is located at the corner of Thompson Street and Ellis Avenue in the west central portion of the City. This park includes:

  • (1) Swing Set
  • Merry Go Round
  • Game Time Tot Lot Play apparatus
  • Lighted Ice Rink (weather permitting)
  • (2) Permanent Park Benches
  • (1) Park Bench/Planter Combination

Triangle Park (.2 Acre)

Triangle Park is located adjacent to Hwy 41 on the east side of the main bridge. No recreational facilities are available at the park. A concrete monument, flower area, and landscaping make it an attractive addition to the park system. Underground electrical service allows for Christmas displays to be erected by service clubs and businesses. Ten (10) locations are installed with timers.

Little League Field (2.6 acres)

The Little League Baseball Field is in the eastern portion of the city. A Little League size ball diamond, rest rooms, concession stand, storage area, and one (1) section of bleachers are located on site. The Park and Recreation Department personnel does all field maintenance during the summer season. The field has had recent improvements which include a new backstop, fencing, electrical scoreboard, batting cage and announcer/scorer area above one dugout.

Pine View Park (23.2 Acres)

North Baseball Diamond includes: batting cage/and netting, lighted field and fencing completed in 1988, small concesion stand, new LED scoreboard (BPM donation 2011), announcer tower with speaker system (2011), restroom facility, underground irrigation system (installed 1997), five bleacher sections.

Multi Use Middle Field includes:  storage building with concession stand availability, announcers tower with speaker system (2011), new LED scoreboard (PYB donation 2012), lighted diamond (1997), three bleacher sections.

PYB Field includes:  large concession stand/restroom/storage facility (2012), covered seating area with picnic tables, relocation of outfield fencing (2009), announcers tower with speaker system (2011), new LED scoreboard (2011), three bleacher sections.

Florist Park (0.8 Acre)

Florist Park on Pine Street is in the east central part of the City. Facilities include off street parking for twelve (12) cars (alley access), merry go round, and baby swing. A 1991 donation by the Marinette Jaycees includes a Lexan circular slide, a modular system with deck, cargo net, arch climber, and a horizontal ladder. In 1997 ADA accessibility was accomplished by blacktopping from parking lot to equipment.

Rainbow Park (1 Acre)

Rainbow Park is located on Poplar Drive in the southeastern part of the City. Facilities include a volleyball court, swing set, slide, climbing bars, teeter totter, merry go round and two (2) spring riding toys. New slide installed in 1997.

Lower Boat Launch

A new boat launch is located on North West Front Street. The launch provides boat access to the Peshtigo River. The ramp is on the west side of the river. There is a municipal parking lot directly across the street from the boat ramp.

Privately Owned – Leased To City

Bundy and Berth Parks are privately owned and leased to the City for public use.

Bundy Park (0.2 Acre)

Bundy Park is at the corner of Oconto Avenue and Wood Street in the northwestern part of the City. Facilities include an open green area, merry go round, one (1) spring riding toy and an infant swing. This park is privately owned and leased to the City for public recreational use.

Berth Park (O.6 Acre)

Berth Park, located at McCagg Street and Brown Avenue in the west central part of the City, contains a swing set an infant swing, and a slide (1998).  A volleyball court was also constructed. This park is privately owned and leased to the City for public recreational use.

School Facilities (10 Acres)

Peshtigo High School, Peshtigo Elementary School, and St. Mary’s Parochial School provide recreational facilities that are available for public use. The 10 acres referred to are outdoor playground and athletic fields that the City uses for recreational programs.

Peshtigo High School

Located on Emery Avenue in the northern part of the City. Trout Brook, which drains into the Peshtigo River just east of the high school, separates the high school from the elementary school to the north.

No outdoor recreation facilities are available at the high school. However, three gyms and a mat room are used by the City recreation department for basketball leagues, floor hockey, karate, aerobics, wrestling and volleyball.

Peshtigo Elementary School

Located just north of the high school. Approximately ten acres of elementary school land are available for outdoor recreation use. Facilities on the ten acres include:

  • (2) sets of Playground Equipment
  • (4) Tennis Courts with lights
  • (1) Backstop for softball
  • Paved Basketball Area with Hoop
  • (2) Soccer Fields
  • Open Area for football etc.

The elementary school also contains a gym which is used by the City recreation department for many activities.

St. Mary’s Parochial School

Located on Thompson St. in the western part of the City, includes about 2.5 acres that are available for outdoor recreation use. St. Mary’s allows gym usage for our Pee Wee Tennis programs during the summer.