City of Peshtigo: A Brief History

The area that was to become the City of Peshtigo was first settled in about 1838.  The Peshtigo River flowed from the forests where the majestic white pines grew to Lake Michigan. The waterways were the principle method of moving the logs. Logging and wood products were the economic focus of the new settlement. Wood products still provide much of the employment in the city today.  The bustling boom town was destroyed by fire on October 8, 1871, the same day as the Chicago fire.  Though the loss of life and property damage was far greater in Peshtigo the Chicago fire received more attention.

The City Reborn from the Ashes of America’s Most Disastrous Fire was incorporated as a Village in 1887 and as a City in 1903. There are many web resources you may search for a more detailed account of the fire. Here are a few:

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